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Each roll includes fertiliser and mulch to create a complete lawn growing solution. Once spread and watered, the specialised grass roll sticks to the ground. Each seed is then surrounded by fertiliser and held in place between three layers of biological tissue, our micro pellet fertiliser and biodegradable tissue. This provides the perfect conditions for optimum growth all year round.

Turf vs Grass Seed – Which is Best?

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Easy to install

Our Natural Seed Carpets/rolls are more economical, practical and easier to install than traditional sowing or dragging with turf.



Grass mats weigh on average 18kg/m². Our Natural Seed Carpets weigh only 110 grams/m².
Water grass


Our Natural Seed Carpets/rolls have a high water retention capacity, saving you 40% water.
Quick installation

Quick installation

One person can easily lay up to 500m² of our Natural Seed Carpets per hour.
Organic Fertiliser

Organic Fertilisers

The mats/rolls contain both the grass seeds and the necessary starter fertiliser. Quick germination process.

easy to form

Easy to form

Our Natural Seed Carpets/rolls are easy to use in hard-to-reach places. Even surfaces up to 90°.
Shelf Life

Long shelf Life

Unopened packages have a shelf life of up to 18 months. This makes minor repairs perfectly possible.
Easy to transport

Easy to transport

Our rolls are so light that they can be transported in passenger car. A roll of 40 square meters only weighs 4.4 kilos.

A better way to compare yourself

Eco Gras Roll | Grass Roll

Laying Sod

Traditional method of sowing

Best choice for successful lawn seeding is to use our Eco Grass® which is a simple and effective way to get grass, flowers to grow where you need it. It can also be used in narrow areas such as borders, flower beds, less developed grounds and roadbeds.
Good to know:
    • Grows faster than regular grass seed.
    • Can be used in sun, shade, and hilly areas.
    • Designed to grow in virtually any climate.
    • Biodegradable mat protects seeds from washing away or being eaten by birds.
    • Bare spots can be repaired in 3 easy steps.
Less expensive than traditional sod.
Price without shipping=
10m² = 2.90€/m² inc. tax.

Get your lawn ready in 2-3 weeks

Consider renting a vehicle that takes the right weight or plan for multiple turns. The grass rolls weigh approx. 15-20 kg/m2. Don’t forget to bring buckles. A passenger car (station wagon) can load up to 20-25 square meters, if the rear seats can be folded down. Remember plastic or tarpaulin when loading in a car.
Good to know:
  • To maintain its moisture which is an important key to natural turf maintenance. It requires a lot of water, which has a significant impact on your pocket.
  • The costs continue, and specialised machines must be available to keep the lawn at the required height, since it is always growing.
  • Its maintenance requires stages, and demands effort; sometimes the knowledge of a gardener is required.
Price without shipping=
10m² = 7.90€/m² incl. tax

Get your lawn ready in 6-8 weeks

Broadcasting is the most common and oldest method of seed sowing. Here the seeds are just spread on the soil. Then seeds may or may not be covered with soil. Broadcasting may be done manually with hands or through a mechanical spreader.
Good to know:
  • Sowing your lawn from seed is a slow process.
  • In this method the Seed distribution is uneven.
  • Some of the Seeds are not covered by soil.
  • The density and depth of seeds are uneven.
  • The germination of the seed is Non-uniform.
  • Crop stand is affected by uneven distribution.
Price without shipping=
10m² = 5.00€/m² inc. tax.

Get your lawn ready in 8-12 weeks