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Lawn Sunshine Hot | Outstanding shade tolerant luxury grass


Lawn Sunshine Hot Mixture, crafted to thrive in sunny, hot conditions, providing a resilient and lush lawn even in the toughest environments.

  • Very drought tolerant
  • Dense and compact growth
  • Grows well in sun and shade
  • Nice and green even in dry months

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This blend boasts 85% Tall Fescue, known for its heat and drought tolerance, ensuring durability and resilience under intense sunlight. With an additional 10% Perennial Ryegrass for quick establishment and 10% Kentucky Bluegrass for vibrant color and density, this mixture offers a perfect balance of strength and beauty.

Lawn Sunshine Hot Mixture, meticulously designed to thrive in sunny, hot conditions with the following exceptional characteristics:

Very Drought Tolerant: Engineered to withstand extended periods of drought, this mixture ensures your lawn remains green and healthy even in the hottest and driest weather.

Dense and Compact Growth: Promoting dense and compact growth, our Lawn Sunshine Hot Mixture creates a thick turf that enhances the overall appearance and resilience of your lawn.

Grows Well in Sun and Shade: Versatile and adaptable, this blend thrives in both sunny and shaded areas, ensuring consistent growth and vibrancy across your entire lawn.

Nice and Green Even in Dry Months: With its exceptional drought tolerance, this mixture maintains its lush green color even during dry months, providing a beautiful and inviting lawn year-round.

Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis with our Lawn Sunshine Hot Mixture, offering unparalleled drought tolerance, dense growth, and vibrant greenery in all weather conditions.

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