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Lawn Shadow | Lawn grass for shady areas


Lawn Shadow Mixture, expertly crafted for shaded areas to ensure a lush, thriving lawn. Shadow is very tolerant to shade, e.g. from trees and buildings. The mixture gives a dense and compact growth.

  • Shade tolerant
  • Dense and compact growth
  • Low maintenance
  • 2 climate-specific compositions

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Lawn Shadow Mixture: Enhancing Shaded Areas with Vibrant Greenery

Transform your shaded areas into vibrant, green oases with our expertly crafted Lawn Shadow Mixture. This specialized blend features a balanced composition of premium grass seeds:

  • 20% Perennial Ryegrass for rapid establishment
  • 40% Red Fescue for excellent shade and drought tolerance
  • 20% Chewings Fescue for fine texture and resilience
  • 20% Kentucky Bluegrass for vibrant color and density

Ideal for creating a beautiful and healthy lawn in low-light conditions, our blend ensures enduring greenery in shaded spots.

Exceptional Features of Our Shaded Lawn Mixture

  • Shade Tolerance: Designed to thrive in low-light conditions, this blend keeps your lawn vibrant and green, even in areas with limited sunlight. It’s perfect for shaded gardens and areas under tree canopies.
  • Dense Growth: Promotes thick and compact growth, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and health of your lawn. This growth pattern helps prevent soil erosion and suppresses weed growth.
  • Low Maintenance: Engineered for easy care, this blend requires minimal upkeep to maintain its lush appearance. With its robust grass varieties, it stays resilient and attractive with minimal effort.
  • Climate-Specific Compositions: Available in two formulations tailored for different climates, our shaded lawn mixture ensures optimal performance whether you’re in a cooler or warmer region. This versatility makes it suitable for various environmental conditions.

By choosing our Lawn Shadow Mixture, you’re investing in a solution that transforms shaded areas into thriving green spaces. Whether you’re establishing a new lawn or revitalizing an existing one, our blend offers quick establishment, fine texture, and vibrant color to create an inviting outdoor environment.

Experience the difference with our Lawn Shadow Mixture and elevate your shaded areas with its shade tolerance, dense growth, low maintenance requirements, and adaptability to different climates. Enjoy a vibrant, resilient lawn that enhances your outdoor living space throughout the year.

Our commitment to quality ensures that our shaded lawn mixture not only enhances the beauty of your lawn but also contributes to environmental sustainability. With reduced water consumption and lower maintenance needs, you’re creating a sustainable landscape that conserves resources without compromising aesthetics.

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