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Lawn Water Less Coast | High tolerance to drought


Lawn Water Less coast is less dependent on irrigation. The mixture contains grasses with naturally deep roots for better access to moisture deep in the soil after establishment. This is also the reason for its high drought tolerance and why it stays green during longer periods of drought.

  • Less irrigation, less work
  • Highly drought tolerant
  • Stays greener
  • Less water in the first phases of establishment

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This blend features 70% Tall Fescue for drought resistance, 10% Kentucky Bluegrass for vibrant color, 10% Perennial Ryegrass coated for quick establishment, and 10% Bermuda Grass for added durability. Perfect for coastal landscapes, this mixture ensures a lush, resilient lawn with minimal water consumption. Enjoy a beautiful green lawn year-round with our Water Less Coast Mixture.

Our biodegradable grass seed mat is your solution to achieving a vibrant, low-maintenance lawn with the following exceptional characteristics:

Less Irrigation, Less Work: With reduced irrigation needs, maintaining your lawn becomes simpler and more efficient, saving you time and effort in watering.

Highly Drought Tolerant: Engineered to withstand dry conditions, this blend ensures your lawn remains lush and healthy even during periods of drought, minimizing the need for excessive watering.

Stays Greener: Maintaining its vibrant green color, even in challenging environmental conditions, Lawn Water Less Coast keeps your lawn looking lush and inviting throughout the year.

Less Water in the First Phases of Establishment: During the critical establishment phase, this mixture requires less water, making it easier to establish a healthy lawn with minimal water consumption.

Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, water-efficient landscape with our biodegradable grass seed mat, offering reduced irrigation needs, superior drought tolerance, and year-round greenery with less effort.

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