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Lawn Golf Green | Develops a dense and fine fairway


Lawn Golf Green only use the newest varieties with the best rankings in tests all over the world. And we always use more than one variety of each species in order to ensure the maximum benefit of the strong points of each variety.

  • Only top varieties
  • High ability to regenerate
  • Tolerates close mowing
  • Fantastic general appearance

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Enhance Your Golf Course with Golf Green Mixture

Transform your golf course into a haven of perfection with our meticulously crafted Lawn Golf Green Mixture. This specialized blend ensures a lush, resilient, and visually appealing surface, tailored specifically for golf courses and putting greens.

Key Features

Top-Quality Grass Varieties

Our Golf Green Mixture boasts only the finest grass varieties, meticulously selected for superior performance and durability. These grasses maintain optimal conditions, offering consistent playability and resilience against varying weather conditions.

Rapid Regeneration

Engineered for rapid regeneration, this blend swiftly recovers from wear and tear, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum usability. Golfers can enjoy a smooth and reliable playing surface throughout the season, enhancing the overall golfing experience.

Close Mowing Tolerance

Designed to withstand close and frequent mowing, our Lawn Golf Green Mixture supports a uniform playing surface, meeting the stringent standards of golf course maintenance. This tolerance ensures that the course remains pristine and visually appealing even with regular maintenance.

Outstanding Aesthetics

With its dense, fine texture and vibrant green coloration, our Golf Green Mixture enhances your course’s visual appeal, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Beyond functionality, it contributes to the aesthetic charm of the golf course, creating a picturesque environment for players and visitors alike.

Invest in Excellence

Elevate your golf course with our Lawn Golf Green Mixture, guaranteeing superior performance in playability, rapid regeneration, close mowing tolerance, and aesthetic enhancement. This investment ensures that your golf course stands out as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts, offering a top-tier playing experience.

Experience the Difference

Invest in your golf course’s future with our Lawn Golf Green Mixture. Enhance playability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability with our expertise and innovative approach to golf course management. Our blend is designed to exceed expectations, delivering lasting benefits for your course’s reputation and success.

With our Lawn Golf Green Mixture, you’re not just improving the playing conditions; you’re investing in the reputation and long-term success of your golf course. Ensure every round is played on a high-quality surface, enhancing your course’s prestige and ensuring the satisfaction of golfers.

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