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Lawn Sport | Perfect for sports pitches, cricket and golf


Our Lawn Sport Mixture, specially formulated for high-traffic areas and sports fields.

  • Fast establishment
  • For sportsfields and playgrounds
  • The best wear tolerance
  • Highest ability to regenerate after wear

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Lawn Sport has been expertly created by our specialist team for football fields and rugby pitches. This robust blend includes 30% Perennial Ryegrass for quick germination and durability, 10% Chewing Fescue for fine texture and resilience, 10% Slender Creeping Red Fescue for enhanced shade tolerance, and 50% Kentucky Bluegrass for superior color, density, and wear resistance.

Perfect for creating a tough, vibrant lawn that stands up to heavy use. Ensure a lush, hard-wearing turf with our expertly crafted Lawn Sport Mixture.

Lawn Sport Mixture, meticulously formulated to create a resilient and durable lawn, perfect for high-activity areas with the following standout characteristics:

Fast Establishment: This mixture ensures rapid germination and growth, allowing your lawn to quickly develop a dense and sturdy cover. Ideal for quickly achieving a playable surface on sports fields and playgrounds.

For Sports Fields and Playgrounds: Specifically designed for areas with intense use, the Lawn Sport Mixture provides a robust and reliable turf that can withstand the rigors of sports and recreational activities.

The Best Wear Tolerance: Engineered to offer exceptional wear tolerance, this blend endures heavy foot traffic and active play without deteriorating. Your lawn will maintain its integrity and appearance, even under constant use.

Highest Ability to Regenerate After Wear: Featuring grass varieties with superior regenerative abilities, the Lawn Sport Mixture quickly recovers from damage and wear, ensuring your lawn remains lush, green, and ready for action.

Achieve a top-performing, durable lawn for sports fields and playgrounds with our Lawn Sport Mixture, designed for fast establishment, exceptional wear tolerance, and rapid regeneration.

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