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Lawn Kikuyu | Hot and Dry


Lawn Kikuyu has very high drought tolerance combined with a dense and compact growth. It grows well in both sun and shade and has good recovery after wear and damage. Sunshine keeps a nice green colour even in dry periods. Composition with drought tolerant grass.

  • Very drought tolerant
  • Dense and compact growth
  • Grows well in sun and shade
  • Nice and green even in dry months

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Kikuyu Lawn Mixture, expertly designed to provide a resilient and vibrant lawn. This premium blend features 70% Perennial Ryegrass for quick establishment and lush greenery, 20% Kikuyu for excellent drought tolerance and durability, and an additional 10% Perennial Ryegrass to enhance overall density.

Kikuyu Lawn Mixture, crafted to deliver exceptional performance and beauty with the following outstanding characteristics:

Very Drought Tolerant: This mixture includes 20% Kikuyu, known for its remarkable ability to withstand dry conditions. Even during prolonged periods of drought, your lawn will remain lush and healthy, significantly reducing the need for frequent watering.

Dense and Compact Growth: The blend of 70% Perennial Ryegrass and 20% Kikuyu ensures a dense and compact growth habit. This results in a thick, robust lawn that resists wear and tear while providing a soft, even surface.

Grows Well in Sun and Shade: Our Kikuyu Lawn Mixture is designed to thrive in various light conditions. Whether your lawn is in full sun or partially shaded areas, this mixture ensures consistent and vigorous growth, maintaining a uniform appearance throughout.

Nice and Green Even in Dry Months: Thanks to the high drought tolerance of Kikuyu, your lawn will stay vibrant and green even during dry months. This mixture ensures your lawn remains attractive and healthy year-round, despite challenging weather conditions.

Transform your outdoor space with our Kikuyu Lawn Mixture, offering exceptional drought tolerance, dense growth, adaptability to various light conditions, and a consistently green appearance. Enjoy a beautiful, resilient lawn that stands the test of time.

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