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Lawn Classic | Resilient and Beautiful Lawn


Lawn Classic Mixture, a meticulously crafted blend designed for a lush, durable lawn.

  • Quick germination
  • Fine texture
  • Vibrant color

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This mix features 35% Perennial Ryegrass for quick germination and resilience, 5% Slender Creeping Red Fescue for fine texture and shade tolerance, 40% Red Fescue for drought resistance, and 20% Kentucky Bluegrass for vibrant color and density. Perfect for creating a robust, healthy lawn that thrives in various conditions. Achieve a beautiful, enduring lawn with our expertly balanced Lawn Classic Mixture.

Lawn Classic Mixture, expertly crafted to provide a superior lawn with the following outstanding characteristics:

Quick Germination: This mixture ensures rapid establishment, allowing your lawn to develop a dense and healthy cover quickly. Ideal for filling in bare spots and achieving a lush lawn in no time.

Fine Texture: With a blend of high-quality grass varieties, the Lawn Classic Mixture offers a fine and elegant texture. This creates a soft, attractive, and uniform appearance that’s perfect for any landscape.

Vibrant Color: The combination of premium grass seeds in this mixture results in a rich, vibrant green color that enhances the beauty of your lawn. Enjoy a stunning, eye-catching lawn that remains bright and lively throughout the growing season.

Elevate your lawn to new heights with our Lawn Classic Mixture, designed for quick establishment, fine texture, and vibrant color.

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