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Lawn Premium | Dense, soft, and low growing grass


Lawn premium grows well in both sun and shade. It has good recovery after wear and damage. For hot & dry composition, drought tolerant grass is included.

  • Grows well in sun as well as shade
  • Wear tolerant
  • Fast-growing
  • Ideal for families with kids and pets

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Our Lawn Premium Mixture, a superior blend formulated for a lush, vibrant lawn. This mix includes 20% Perennial Ryegrass for quick establishment, 25% Chewing Fescue for fine texture and shade tolerance, 25% Red Fescue for drought resistance, and 30% Kentucky Bluegrass for exceptional color and density.

Perfect for creating a beautiful, resilient lawn that thrives in diverse conditions. Achieve a rich, enduring green lawn with our expertly balanced Lawn Premium Mixture.

Lawn Premium Mixture, designed to provide a versatile and resilient lawn with the following exceptional characteristics:

Grows Well in Sun as Well as Shade: This mixture is formulated to thrive in both sunny and shaded areas, ensuring a consistently lush and healthy lawn regardless of light conditions. Perfect for gardens with varying sun exposure.

Wear Tolerant: Engineered to withstand heavy use, the Lawn Premium Mixture is ideal for high-traffic areas. Its robust grass varieties ensure your lawn remains durable and resilient, even with frequent activity.

Fast-Growing: Achieve a lush, green lawn quickly with our fast-growing blend. This mixture establishes rapidly, providing you with a beautiful and dense lawn in a short period.

Ideal for Families with Kids and Pets: The Lawn Premium Mixture is perfect for active families. Its wear tolerance and quick establishment make it an excellent choice for lawns that endure playtime, sports, and pet activities, ensuring a safe and beautiful outdoor space for everyone.

Transform your yard into a vibrant, durable, and family-friendly haven with our Lawn Premium Mixture, tailored for diverse light conditions, high traffic, and rapid growth.

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